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Statement: Trump Administration Continues to Threaten the JCPOA and Undermine Diplomacy
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Lead Negotiator In Iran Deal: Trump Is 'Misreading Situation'
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It's a good deal...and what it has done is given us eyes on the Iranians generally in terms of verification, it has international support, and it has closed a window in terms of Iranian possibilities.
Madeleine Albright, Former Secretary of State, 3/27/2017
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Iran will continue to try to dominate the region...but whatever they do will be less effective because they don’t have a nuclear weapon.
George Mitchell, Former Senate Majority Leader, 12/3/2016
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This was and remains a good agreement. It’s made Israel and the world safer.
Uzi Eilam, Former Director of Israel's Atomic Energy Commission, 7/12/2016
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