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It's a good deal...and what it has done is given us eyes on the Iranians generally in terms of verification, it has international support, and it has closed a window in terms of Iranian possibilities.
Madeleine Albright, Former Secretary of State, 3/27/2017
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Iran will continue to try to dominate the region...but whatever they do will be less effective because they don't have a nuclear weapon.
George Mitchell, Former Senate Majority Leader, 12/3/2016
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This was and remains a good agreement. It’s made Israel and the world safer.
Uzi Eilam, Former Director of Israel's Atomic Energy Commission, 7/12/2016
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"[W]ithout this agreement, the Iranians would have several potential pathways to a bomb. With it, they won't have any."
John Kerry
Former Secretary of State, 9/2/2015
"[The deal is] not based upon trust, it’s based upon verification -- and it’s based upon verification as far as the eye can see."
Ernest Moniz
Former Secretary of Energy, 9/19/2016
"If fully implemented, the JCPOA will create a wider gap between peaceful nuclear energy and nuclear weapons development than I had thought possible."
Siegfried S. Hecker
American nuclear scientist, Former Director of Los Alamos National Laboratory, 1/8/2016
"It is an agreement that belongs to the entire international community & that the [EU is] determined to preserve because its full and strict implementation is key to our own security."
Federica Mogherini
Vice President of the European Commission, 3/20/2017
"This agreement represents our best chance to stop an Iranian bomb without another war in the Middle East."
Richard Lugar
Former U.S. Senator from Indiana, 9/8/2015
"We continue to believe the Iran nuclear deal was an important step forward and important contribution to stability in the region and we continue to support it."
Theresa May
British Prime Minister, 2/6/2017

“In my view, the JCPOA meets the key objective, shared by recent administrations of both parties, that Iran limit itself to a strictly civilian nuclear program with unprecedented verification and monitoring by the International Atomic Energy Agency and the U.N. Security Council. Iran has committed to never developing or acquiring a nuclear weapon; the deal ensures that this will be the case for at least 15 years and likely longer.”

– Brent Scowcroft, former National Security Advisor to President H.W. Bush, 8/21/2015

"I believe this agreement closes the roads and blocks the road to Iranian nuclear military capabilities for at least a decade."
Ephraim Halevy
Former Mossad Director, 8/21/2015
"My that it's a pretty good deal."
Colin Powell
Former Secretary of State, Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Former National Security Advisor, 9/6/2015
"Those, like me, who have served, understand all too well the sacrifice that is required when diplomacy is abandoned."
Mike Breen
President & CEO of the Truman Center, Iraq War Veteran, 9/8/2015
“Verification of this agreement is airtight. Iran could, at some time in the future, reject the agreement and push to acquire a nuclear weapon. We would have more warning - far more warning - than if we didn't have such an agreement.”
— Richard Garwin, American physicist, 8/10/2015