Statement on the U.S. Intent to Withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement

As an organization founded to help protect the Iran Nuclear Agreement and preserve and promote the value and effectiveness of America’s traditional diplomacy-first approach to foreign policy, we cannot be silent with respect to today’s senseless, unilateral and costly withdrawal from one of the greatest diplomatic achievements in recent history — one which the United States worked to accomplish over the course of almost three decades.

Like the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (or Iran nuclear deal), the Paris Climate Agreement was made possible by the best kind of American leadership. The United States took on one of the greatest threats to our security and the future of the planet, made the case to other nations, like China and India, that share responsibility for the problem to make meaningful voluntary commitments, and used those commitments to build a framework that holds 195 countries accountable for the solution. This agreement is a triumph of diplomacy that benefits every nation and every person on Earth, but also represents a boon to U.S. interests because American innovation would be a driving force and job creator in the global clean energy economy, and because climate change directly threatens our national security.

Today President Trump — breaking faith with many in his own Cabinet and leaders nationwide of all parties — has signaled that we no longer wish to help solve a challenge that recognizes no borders and one that the greatest military in the world cannot defeat. It damages our credibility as a partner in our priorities, and signals our disregard for the importance of upholding international commitments, commitments that if the situation were reversed we would expect our international partners to respect.

Climate change is an existential threat. Nuclear proliferation is another. There will be consequences for failing to keep our diplomatic commitments on either topic. Diplomacy Works will continue to stand up for the international engagement that makes solutions to the toughest problems possible.

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