Diplomacy Works Digest

Every week, Diplomacy Works produces a digest that compiles the most important Iran Deal news and fact checks our opponents’ claims. Click here to subscribe and read previous editions below.

September 21, 2018: Iran dismisses our treaty talk – maybe because they don’t think we’ll keep our word; fact checking Brian Hook’s Hudson Institute remarks

September 14, 2018: Trump Administration forced to scale back UNGA Iran focus; fact checking the President’s tweet about John Kerry

September 7, 2018: The Trump Administration’s Iran policy is creating the conditions for war; a fact check on rising gas prices

August 31, 2018: Three reasons the Iran Action Group won’t work; the IAEA confirms Iran’s compliance AGAIN; fact checking Brian Hook and Ambassador Haley

August 24, 2018: Germany’s foreign minister is calling for Europe to create a payments system independent of the United States; fact checking Mr. Bolton

August 21, 2018: Wendy Sherman on how we got the Iran Deal; reactions to the “Iran Action Group”; fact checking a regime change doozy

August 10, 2018: An informative listen on sanctions courtesy of CEIP; our statement on their reimposition earlier this week; fact checking Secretary Pompeo; lots of good reads

August 3, 2018: Reimposing sanctions on Iran unilaterally is empowering China and Russia while distancing us from our allies; fact checking Ali Shababi

July 27, 2018: Europe wonders about Trump’s end game in Iran; Phil Gordon weighs in on current tensions; fact checking Rich Lowry

July 20, 2018: Trump sanctions bolster influence of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards; fact check: what happened in Helsinki is nothing like the Iran deal; “There’s a War Coming”

July 13, 2018: Senator Kaine worries we might be on track for another unnecessary war; fact checking Secretary Pompeo — again; our allies remain committed to the JCPOA

June 29, 2018: It’s nationalism, not theocracy; John Kerry speaks out on Trump’s impact on our global leadership; fact checking the idea of quick and easy regime change in Iran

June 22, 2018: A possible path toward continued investment in Iran; Dr. Walsh’s Congressional testimony; fact checking claims about Iranian access to the US financial system

June 8, 2018: Would a North Korea deal be better than the one Trump just abandoned with Iran?; America first = America alone; fact checking a report from Senate Republicans

June 1, 2018: EU wrestling with Iran nuclear deal after American exit; what this decision means for the transatlantic alliance; fact checking Secretary Pompeo again

May 25, 2018: Pompeo set the stage for perpetual conflict with Iran; fact checking his speech; the House amends the NDAA to clarify that there’s no AUMF for Iran

May 14, 2018: The Trump Administration has no Iran policy; watch Nick Burns explain the precedent for prioritizing diplomacy with Iran fact checking Secretary Pompeo

May 11, 2018: Read our statement on the President’s reckless decision to violate the JCPOA and read top news and analysis

May 4, 2018: Trump is on the verge of a disastrous decision on Iran; fact checking Netanyahu’s old news

April 27, 2018: Former Israeli commanders write in favor of the JCPOA; Europe’s last ditch effort to save it; Mattis acknowledges robust verification measures; fact checking Trump – again

April 20, 2018: European allies urge U.S. Congress to preserve the nuclear deal; fact checking arguments for blowing up the deal — again

April 13, 2018: Fact checking Pompeo on the Iran Deal; Trump’s North Korea gambit is riskier if he abrogates the JCPOA

April 6, 2018: Trump’s May 12 decision is the most important of his presidency; fact checking Mossad Chief Yossi Cohen

April 2, 2018: Former Energy Secretary Moniz says don’t trust and verify, verify, verify; fact checking Eli Lake

March 23, 2018: Negotiations with Europe “despite a death watch over the deal in Washington”; Fact checking incoming National Security Advisor John Bolton

March 16, 2018: CENTCOM Commander General Votel testified to the Senate Armed Services Committee this week that preserving the JCPOA remains in the U.S. interest; Fact checking Richard Goldberg and Mark Dubowitz’s Wall Street Journal op-ed; Trump’s Cabinet shuffle

March 12, 2018: How a Kim-Trump summit could help save the Iran deal; Advice for Trump on North Korea, from a veteran of nuclear diplomacy; fact checking Netanyahu’s claim that the Iran deal has set off a nuclear arms race in the Middle East

March 5, 2018: IAEA Director General Amano: collapse of Iran nuclear deal would be ‘great loss’; Fact checking the Heritage Foundation’s James Jay Carafano

February 23, 2018: The nuclear agreement is ‘the worst deal ever’ — for Iran; Fact checking Richard Goldberg on Europe’s approach to a U.S. withdrawal

February 16, 2018: The latest protests in Iran and the nuclear deal; Fact checking the demand that the JCPOA address missiles

February 9, 2018: The Trump Administration is selling a new war of choice in the Middle East;  JCPOA trade-offs vs. the cost of inaction

February 2, 2018: The hidden extremism of Trump’s SOTU; Fact checking the President’s legislative demands; a note on diplomacy and diplomats

January 26, 2018: Destroying the Iran deal while claiming to save it; fact checking Speaker Ryan and VP Pence

January 19, 2018: Trump didn’t scrap the Iran deal, but he did the next worst thing; taking a deep dive on Rep. Roskam’s proposed JCPOA “fix”

January 16, 2018: The President threatens the JCPOA and undermines diplomacy; fact checking John Bolton (again)

January 5, 2018: Wendy Sherman’s take on the President’s misreading of the protests in Iran; fact checking Vice President Pence

December 15, 2017: Congress let’s the 60 day window for expediting nuclear deal violating sanctions back into existence expire; fact checking Nikki Haley.

December 8, 2017: Americans strongly support the JCPOA; Andrew Lappin says Congressional Democrats are turning on the Iran deal…and that gets a fact check!

December 1, 2017: Why the US-UK divide on the Iran nuclear deal matters; fact checking regional attitudes to the nuclear agreement

November 17, 2017: Ambassador Pickering stands by the Iran deal; fact checking Mosaic Magazine

November 3, 2017: Uzi Eilam discusses the deal and how it benefits Israel; Congressman Bill Foster drops some science on us; fact checking Ambassador Edelman and General Wald

October 27, 2017: Israeli experts disagree with Netanyahu; fact checking Mark Penn’s outlier poll

October 20, 2017: A letter from 25 former foreign ministers; fact checking Nikki Haley (again)

October 16, 2017: A special edition on decertification; nixing the nuclear deal endangers Israel; fact checking H.R. McMaster on compliance

October 13, 2017: Decertification digest with former Secretary of State Kerry’s statement

October 6, 2017: The Kerry/Moniz dream team weigh in; debunking Dubowitz (again)

September 29, 2017: “Trump Goes Rogue on Iran”; what our European allies are saying; fact checking Michael Rubin on the Additional Protocol

September 22, 2017: Lots of JCPOA news after UNGA; fact checking Secretary Tillerson and the “sunset clauses argument”

September 15, 2017: Sanctions waivers reissued; Israel’s entire intelligence and military establishment believes the JCPOA is working; fact checking the Foundation for Defense of Democracies again

September 8, 2017: We fact check Ambassador Haley’s alternative facts-based case for decertifying Iran’s compliance with the deal

September 1, 2017: Eighth IAEA report shows Iran is complying with the JCPOA; fact checking Moshe Aren; the Iran Deal bolsters Israel’s security too

August 25, 2017: Will the President recertify Iran’s compliance with the JCPOA?; mistranslations are leading to sensationalized Iran deal coverage

August 18, 2017: The New York Times editorial board says the JCPOA needs to stay in place; fact checking coverage of Rouhani’s speech

August 11, 2017: 47 national security propose a path forward with Iran that relies on the JCPOA; threats from North Korea demonstrate the value of the deal

August 4, 2017: Killing the Iran Deal could start the next Middle East war; fact checking Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

July 28, 2017: President Trump wants to scrap the Deal; nuclear non-proliferation is based on facts, not whether we “like” a country

July 21, 2017: Are we on the path to war with Iran?; fact checking Ambassador John Bolton

July 14, 2017: The Iran Deal turns two; retired military leaders write President Trump about its importance

July 7, 2017: The Iran Deal faces death by 1,000 cuts; fact checking Mark Dubowitz (Iran is not the Soviet Union)

June 30, 2017: IAEA report number 7; fact checking Ambassador Nikki Haley

June 23, 2017: The economic case for the deal; missiles into Syria

June 16, 2017: The JCPOA is a gold standard for nonproliferation agreements; Iran’s compliance with the deal is a fact, not a political wedge

June 9, 2017: Trump’s “America First” will lead to an America that is alone and behind; the facts on heavy water

June 2, 2017: Fact checking the Foundation for Defense of Democracies; our statement on the President’s Paris Agreement decision

May 26, 2017: Rouhani reelected; S.722; Trump’s trip to the Middle East

May 19, 2017: Sanctions waivers reissued; fact checking the Trump Administration; Tony Blinken on The Axe Files